American Legion Band of the Tonawandas

American Legion Band of the Tonawandas

Thursday, May 3, 2018 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Grand Ballroom C

Michael Shaw, Director

The American Legion “Band of the Tonawandas” is an award-winning concert band based in Tonawanda, NY. Formed in 1929 by World War I veterans and American Legion members, the band is comprised of Western NYers with diverse occupations and backgrounds, including management, engineering, medicine, government, sales, and education. A large number of members are instrumental music educators, graduates, or students of university music programs. All of the musicians are volunteers, and membership is open to any musician based upon evaluation and section vacancies.

The band, with 90 members at full strength, rehearses year-round and performs up to 30 concerts and parades annually. For the trained wind, brass, or percussion instrumentalist, the band provides an excellent opportunity to utilize their musical training while contributing to the cultural life of the community. The band stands ready to aid in worthwhile community functions and uphold the great tradition of the American Legion.

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